Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper

Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper

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This drop-in extended hopper for the Nerf Rival Perses increases your ammo capacity while maintaining a sleek look and feel to the blaster. There are two lid options, 'No Lid' for those who want to use a paintball speed load gate (sold separately) or 'With lid' for a magnetic 3d printed lid (pictured).

All magnetic lids are printed in Prusa Galaxy Black. If you prefer another color, choose 'no lid' then purchase separately in all colors here. Galaxy Black is my personal choice as it looks fantastic on both RED and BLUE blasters!


• 160 rounds of total capacity (including bottom stock hopper)
• Paintball pod compatible
• Paintball speed load gate compatible (most brands)
• Drop-in replacement
• Sized exactly to snap in place on the hopper, gluing is optional

• Material: PLA Plastic
• Weight: 9oz
• 3D printed
• PLA Plastic in a wide range of colors

 Magnetic lid in 13 colors (order separately if you don't want galaxy black):
 Hex key for installation (2.5mm)
 Compatible Feed Gate (Two options, higher and lower injection mold quality, identical performance): 
  • Option 1 GenX Global
  • Option 2 Exault V3
• Hopper Installation Guide:

• Overview of the Perses Hopper:

• Full Nerf Rival Perses Mod Guide:


Customer Reviews

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Breakable lids

The magnets on the lids will always come out and even though the lids do not open all the way and that’s understandable because that’s how it’s designed, however I never tried opening it anymore past the point that it
allowed itself but eventually it would break or the screw holding together the lid rim or the door of the lid would eventually come loose , so people can try lying by saying I didn’t do it right or whatever but the lids are extremely simple to figure out

Very breakable magnet lid hinges

1 hopper came with a broken lid and then I inspected it and noticed it’s definitely not at all strong 3D print plastic lids
They hinges can snap and break so very easily
Breaks my heart because I had high hopes for this item but then realized that the lids are just going to be snapping off all the time unless it was reinforced with something
But I absolutely love how the hopper can snap on and not really require any glue because it’s so strong
All but except the magnet lid hinges
Definitely needs to be made out of a much stronger 3D plastic

Hi there,
The lid of our Perses Hopper is designed to only open about 45° so that it will act as a funnel with your hand to increase loading speed. If it is opened further the hinge will crack.

Michael Jordan
Absolutely necessary Perses mod

The Perses is already a fantastic blaster. There's not really much than needs to be done to improve it, and most things that are done are are quality-of-life improvements, rather than required upgrades. That being said, this hopper *is* required for the Perses. The ease of loading, the increased capacity, the simplicity of installation, and the unmatched quality of the print makes this product a must-buy. Couple that with outstanding customer service, and you couldn't ask for a better experience. Don't delay if you're on the fence; pull the trigger.


Good print quality woth every dollar

not to be disclosed

I could not wait to put this on my hopper. I loaded it up and it changes your game. You can now actually fire for longer than 10 seconds. Awesome product. But it did take a long time to arrive but when you get it it is well worth the money. I totally do recommend this product.