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Graphene 3s 950mAh 65c LiPo pack (XT-60) OOD Exclusive

Graphene 3s 950mAh 65c LiPo pack (XT-60) OOD Exclusive

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The Turnigy Graphene 950mAh 65c 3s LiPo pack (XT-60 connector) is a reliable graphene battery that is compatible with all 3s motors including the Kraken, Neo-Rhino and Valkyrie. This pack was created custom just for Out of Darts. It features heavy gauge 16AWG wiring, short leads and an XT-60 connector.

You absolutely MUST use a voltage alarm to operate these safely. Please read all care and use instructions for best practices concerning LiPO batteries. We carry voltage alarms for $3 on the shop, which will save you from ruining a battery. 

This battery does NOT fit inside a Jupiter properly, as it is too thick. If you're looking for a 3s Jupiter battery, go with the 500mAh Panther 3s.

• Reliable Graphene battery
• Compatible motor pairs include; Kraken, Neo-Rhino and Valkyrie. (All 3s motors)
• XT-60 Connector!
• 16AWG short leads (more space for your battery)

• 61A maximum current draw
• 3s
• 11.1v
• 65c rated
• 950mAh capacity
• 75x27x23mm
• XT-60

• LiPo Starter Pack
 XT60 Connectors
• LiPo Voltage Alarm
 LiPo Safety Information
 LiPo Safety Bag 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Taylor H.
Great battery!

Fantastic little lipo. They deliver the power you need from a small package. I've bought three and they fit into blaster battery trays that most others won't.

Jorge G.
Great customer service helped alot

I wrote a review saying that the battery was bigger than the picture. after that, I emailed outofdarts and they sent me a good battery that fit what I needed it for. Free of charge!!! Great customer service

Jorge G.
Not like in the picture

I got this battery thinking it was like how it was in the picture. But it's way bigger.

Kolt S.
Great little battery

Packs a good punch. Worked great in a rapidstrike build with two fang revamped motors and a honey badger for the pusher motor.

Brell C.
Performs Better than a Lipo twice it’s size!!!

This .95 Graphene 65c packs a punch! Notice the 65 “c” rating? That is very important. I put this battery in a modded Mastadon and got a higher rate of fire 8 dps than the 2200 45c Turnigy Nanotech. This battery also fits well in a Stryfe, Rayven, or Spectrum when using the expanded battery door. My favorite battery unless I am running a proton pack. If you use the larger battery door you have room for the large volt alarm/meter that Luke sells as well.