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Jet Ceda-S Blaster for Short Darts (130+FPS, RED/BLUE)

Jet Ceda-S Blaster for Short Darts (130+FPS, RED/BLUE)

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*Scope pictured is not included!

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer able to ship any blaster to international customers (outside of Canada).

The Jet Ceda Blaster offers a quick release shell with an easy double pin assembly. Easy to customize with a pump action design.  Offering a removable stock for easy customization options. Jet Ceda Blaster! Two colors available. Expect 130+ FPS on quick darts/worker darts and 150FPS with bamboo darts.

• Modular Blaster
• Easy assembly

• Half length darts only!

• Alpha RT kit pre-installed optimizing blaster for use with short darts only and improving its velocity up to 150~ fps. 130+ FPS on quick darts/worker darts and 150FPS with bamboo darts.

• 15 round Katana stick magazines for "Extra Efficient" Short foam blaster darts

• Mil-Spec dimension buffer tube, accepts Mil-Spec / AR-15 butt stocks

• Picatinny top rail allows attachment of tactical / Mil-Spec accessories and optics! Airsoft and real steel scopes / red dot sights compatible

• Easy 2-pin disassembly/reassembly modular design allows further customization and performance tuning! A foam blaster that will never go out of service! (Alpha and Omega tune up kits will be available in the near future)

• Ergonomic high speed pump action. Mechanical design does not require batteries or propellant to operate

• Compatible with CEDA high velocity short darts

• Game Ready! 

 Metal Bolt Sled

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Kemmy E.

For a decent price, you get good power and one of the lightest primes of all time. The design is also quite stylish. Got the blue one btw

Shaun T.

My son and I had a great time with the blasters. We're looking forward to getting the mods for them.

Samoa M.
Awesome blaster

Its really awesome how much potential this blaster has ,Out of the box its great and with some parts from worker its even better .With the stock spring and all metal internals I have it hitting at 240 fps .I cant wrap my head around that fact .

Roark P.
Very accurate springer

Great blaster overall. I prefer the katana mags to talons. I didn’t like the pump grip at first until I started using it with four fingers on the front pulling straight back instead of griping the sides, now I find it very quick and less disturbing to my aim. It’s a bit finicky chambering and likes fresh darts but a red dot sight actually works well with this one. Accurate and consistent!

Max L.

Does it take full length or only short darts. I’m asking because it looks there is a mag adapter and in the video he says that it could use full length. But in the description it says half length only. Thank you for your time.