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Worker Phoenix Blaster

Worker Phoenix Blaster

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The Worker Phoenix Blaster is a full auto, short dart compatible blaster.  Offering mag through grip paired with a compact, transparent design. Worker has entered the OEM foam blaster manufacturing with this unique three-stage short dart flywheeler. Offering a rate of fire dial. Offering a large, 3s compatible battery compartment. Includes six flywheels and six 132 motors. All of our 3s LiPo Batteries will work in this blaster. Battery sold separately. 

• Full Auto short dart blaster
• Compatible with short darts
• Only Compatible with Angled Talon Mags
• Battery not included
• Includes 10x short darts

• Material: Injection Molded PC
• Package Weight: 981g
• Dimensions: 58 x 295 x 215mm
• SKU: W0539

LiPo Alarm
Worker 10-Round Talon Slanted Short Dart Magazine
Worker Phoenix Flywheels
Worker Upgrade Kit for Phoenix Blaster With Folding Grip and Stock
• LiPo Starter Pack

• LiPo Battery 3s Zippy 2200mAh 25c
• LiPo Battery Turnigy 3s 2200mAh 40-50c
• LiPo Battery 3s Worker RtD3 2200mAh 
• LiPo Battery 3s Nano-Tech 3s 1500mAh 35-70c 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Incredible value

This blaster is fantastic! 150fps, full auto, adjustable rate of fire, and it only cost me 85$. It doesn't shred darts like two stage half length blasters at this power do. This blaster cannot be beat when it comes to performance per dollar. It feels like cheating when I use it in 150fps capped games. The ONLY thing I wish were different about this blaster isn't even to do with the blaster but the mags. I wish there were angled 29 dart tachi mags. At the moment the highest capacity mag compatible with this blaster is the 18 round angled talon mag. THAT SAID, to get a tachi mag compatible blaster of this performance you would need to buy a luchadora(300$) or a cage fighter(100$ for hardware kit). I will reiterate at this price point, the pheonix 1.0 offers the BEST performance bar none.

Great gun!

Exactly what was ordered and quick shipping! Modified it a little, definitely a happy customer!

Must have at this price

Incredible performance for $75. Nothing extra, nothing special, just high performance. Not so fast you'll burn through your darts but just fast enough to be fun. Only complaint is that a faulty dart could ruin the flywheels if you continue revving them. Happened to me but I was able to receive a new one in 2 weeks, so bonus points to Out of darts. If you pull the trigger and nothing happens, do not rev the motors and clear the jam. Anyways pick this up if you're looking for a compact, high power primary.

Christopher W.
Just fresh from a war

Package came in just in time for a war where I used it as a sidearm indoors, I had a lot of fun with it. Obviously I didn't get a ton of shots of only running a 10 round and 18 round mag, but when those flywheels started spinning I was definitely smiling lol (sorry Mat).

Honestly if you can afford it either on sale or not, it's definitely a fun addition. I hear the motors go out but it's an easy fix so I'm not too concerned. Other than that the only other negatives I have is the mag type, and the sling mount not fully going through. But eh personal preferences, still a great time.

I need to buy more mags and ammo soon because I'm.......Out of darts. Ok I'll see myself out, my blunder. Lol.

Paul W.C.
First Fantastic Flywheel Found

I bought the phoenix hoping to get my hands on a non-springer unit for the first time. I was a little on the skeptical side given the box-esque shaping of the shell on this blaster that it was going to be worth the money. But the money was $75 so I took the chance.
Right out of the package all I could think was it was a huge chunk of a blaster. But after messing around with it for a while I was stunned. The thing hits hard and goes far without losing a lot of accuracy. I had supposed I'd have to add a longer barrel with a scar barrel at the end just to keep it within reasonable accuracy. Nope.
I tested the speed up dial and went from slow single shots to 10 darts in 2 seconds flat. I don't know if I like the speed function but it reacts well and is pretty intuitive. I tried the blaster on full automatic and it hurts a little bit if you're up close within 20 to 30 ft. It's like being lit up by a bunch of pinches all at once in the way it stings. That being said, definitely not something to do a headshot with.
I really enjoyed watching the gears on this blaster as it tells me what is doing what. And as for an out of the box and usable blaster it is one of a kind. I got it a huge battery and it fit fine even with an LCD screen for my alarm and voltage systems. It seems to go through the battery pretty quickly compared to my other blasters. It is powerful in exchange for all the extra power drain respectively. I measured around 176 fps tops.
The beast will look good with a little bit of love, some paint and a few more mods I have planned. I am adding an extended 20cm brass barrel (both inner and outer) and 25cm black plastic outer barrel as well as a scar barrel of the bearing kind. It will have a stock obviously but also a strap because she is a beefy beauty for sure. Last of all an angled rail laser sight so I can shoot on the go. I also included a high powered strobe light I use to blind my prey upon assault.
Thanks to Worker and Out of Darts for the blaster. She is a great deal right now. I have spent $120 (battery, alarm and charger included) so far and expect around $150 when it's all done. That's an unheard of kind of deal and one you must take.