Worker Full Length Foam Darts (100-Pack)
Worker Full Length Foam Darts (100-Pack)
Worker Full Length Foam Darts (100-Pack)

Worker Full Length Foam Darts (100-Pack)

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The Worker Full Length Foam Darts are here to stay! The full length darts come in a 100-Pack and come in red with black rubber tips.

• Full length darts

• Material: Foam + Rubber
• Weight: 150g

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Springer Ammo!

I got a pack of a hundred to use in my pump action Retaliator and my little sister's Mediator, as the Accufakes I use for flywheelers do not chamber well in breeches and even get jammed due to their wide heads. The distances achieved and quantity make these my go-to for my full-length springer builds!

Kevin K Matsumoto
The shipping was fast, got here in record time. And the darts work great in every blaster excep...

So, to explain the title, this is not a shot at either Luke or the product, these are great darts. However... I bought them as an experiment to see how well they worked in the new nexus pro, just to see. One in four darts either jams in the feed area or doesn't fire out of the blaster and has to be fished out. I actually expected this as the only darts that seem to feed reliably through the np are the ones that came with the blaster, regular elites and the DZ waffle heads (And the DZ darts jams about 1 in 50 feeds or so). Before someone says I got a lemon, I bought two of them and they both have the feeding issue. In every other blaster I have, especially the upgraded Accutrooper and Mediator, these darts are absolutely great!!!! If you have a Nexus pro, get the refill pack or use elites, for any other blaster, these are the bomb!

Leighton Riedel
Great product and very fast shipping to Hawaii.. but..

Really fast shipping as always. But packaging could have been a little more better. When I got them they were just placed in the box at the top of what thing. I ordered 200 of them and maybe 20 of them are smashed flat. Granted it was due to shipping but just was a little sad to see these guys smashed. But great product none-the-less. Glue is really great as the gen 3 half darts.

Sorry to hear some of these arrived damaged. I'd be happy to replace any damaged ones for you, I've e-mailed you directly to set this up! We are 100% responsible for all items arriving to you safely.