Worker Short Darts 200-pack Gen3 improved darts 2019
Worker Short Darts 200-pack Gen3 improved darts 2019
Worker Short Darts 200-pack Gen3 improved darts 2019
Worker Short Darts 200-pack Gen3 improved darts 2019

Worker Short Darts 200-pack Gen3 improved darts 2019

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Worker Short Darts in a 200-pack.  The Gen3 darts have improved glue, and a re-designed tip. These are the most accurate darts that I have tested and are SCAR barrel compatible. 

• Most accurate darts I've tested (all worker darts)
• SCAR barrel compatible
• Purple color
• Gen3 improved glue and new tip design

• Material: TPR and EVA
• Weight: 77g
• Dimensions: 36x13mm
•SKU: W0407 / W0500

Customer Reviews

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nicolas lebert
super darts, very accurate

the worker gen 3 darts are better then the worker gen 2 darts, and the price is fair, 12 out of 10 :)

These newer batches of darts are great

Purchased the glow in the dark rounds and couldnt be happier. 1 pack from here, 1 pack from foamblast, and a few from akbm. I have a few removable uv light set ups and live right next to woods. My sons and I love playing at night now seeing the darts fly through the air with accuracy of course. Tracer rounds. The glue quality on these is far better than they used to be. In our case not a single dart lost its head even with 200+fps springers. Can't get enough. Even like using in daytime for sure.


I have been impressed wit the quality of these darts with the exception of 3-4 heads blown off, but my darts were actually glow in the dark! with I am perfectly fine with that!

Great but flawed (Three and a half stars)

These darts are almost perfect. I say this because they fly extremely far, fast, and accurately, and they are ridiculously easy to find in the grass and indoors (not sure about shady parks or dirt areas). There is only one major draw back with these darts which leads to another problem.
These darts tend to loose their heads (which makes me loose mine when I miss my target because of that ;) ). I have noticed that this happens most often when they impact a hard objects at close to medium range but also after repeated use in general, which is a huge issue because I should not be afraid of hitting my opponent or a target during practice. And to make sure I was writing this review with a knowledgeable perspective on the matter I even tested these darts in a stock triad with no dart pegs which shoots half darts at 75-80 fps. and the same thing happened. In the end I am still satisfied with these darts and I will probably purchase more in a year when all these darts I bought are broken, but if you do not care about how easy it is to find the darts then both pro and adventure force half lengths are a better buy, and if money is not an issue then the quick darts are the best there is. Finally I know this is not Out Of Darts fault but they are a little over priced for what you get. I think that for these darts between 10-12 dollars is more reasonable mainly because of there bellow par gluing.

Sorry this Review is so long ;)

Great darts, but the glue

The darts fly straight and hit hard. However, from firing from the Caliburn, some darts seem to have the tip be damaged or come off completely. I don't know if this is the Caliburn or the darts themselves. These darts are still one of the best darts you can get at the moment.