Nerf mod PWM Mini Red - Out of Darts
Nerf mod PWM Mini Red - Out of Darts
Nerf mod PWM Mini Red - Out of Darts
Nerf mod PWM Mini Red - Out of Darts

PWM Mini Red

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Small PWM suitable for a single motor as a pusher circuit. 

• Mini, low current PWM.

• 5A load

Customer Reviews

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E Pellicane
Great product, and amazing costumer service

After the first one of these just would not work, I contacted Out of Darts, and they promptly sent a replacement free of charge. Now, it works like a charm on a Rapidstrike pusher, and it was easy to wire up and find space for. Would definitely recommend.

Captain Ron
Works great on Rapid Strike

We wired a Fang Revamp into my boy's Rapid Strike as the pusher. This PWM has a very small footprint so finding real estate in the shell is easy. Hooking it up via the set screws is a breeze. Having a variable firing rate saves on ammo. The price is very reasonable and it has proven very reliable. My son has run 100's of darts through his Strike with zero problems from the PWM. (Dart dust is a different story)

Leopold Maas
Didn't work

When I hooked it up it burned out right away and now it lets current right through it with no control. Even when I turned it of the blaster kept running. please contact me with advice. Love the shop.