Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit
Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit
Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit
Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit
Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit
Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit

Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit

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The Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit allows you to give your Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe a fully automatic option with a few simple mods.  Featuring a mess of kit parts listed below that help make your fully-auto Stryfe mod possible.


• Compatible with Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe
• Full-Auto Kit for Nerf Stryfe!

• Material: Multiple
• SKUW0321

• 1 x Trigger
• 1 x Push rod
• 4 x Micro switch
• 1 x Adjustable power step-down module
• 1 x Automatic speed box
• 1 x Wire package
• 1 x Speed box fixed
• 1 x Micro switch fixed
• 2 x 25PB screw
• 8 x 2.6 * 16PB screw
• 3 x 2.6 * 10KA screw
• 1 x Tension spring
• 1 x Spring
• 1 x Installation instructions

Customer Reviews

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wes gaines
Awesome kit!

Super excited for this.

James cheung

I tried to make this but the full auto part doesn’t work. The pusher motor never works for me and I have no clue why. The instructions are way to confusing since it doesn’t really show where the wires go. If the instructions were more clear this install would be a lot easier

Hi James, Thanks for the feedback! I think I'll film a mod guide/tutorial just for this kit, as I've had great luck with it in my own builds, and we've sold quite a few of them.

Eric Sorensen
Iffy Parts

It's not an easy install, but it is possible to make this work. I'd say overall I was disappointed with what came with. I was especially disappointed with the rate of fire on 2s. Probably better to avoid and scrounge the parts to the build elsewhere.

Iffy instructions, some DIY mods, in the end it worked

The materials we received are not quite what is pictured, had extra screws n switch. Also instructions recommend the flywheels upgrade, it works so far with stock ones, but would be nice to know that ahead of time. Also instructions have inconsistency in switch mounting orientations and not enough screws to mount them (black 2x/sw needed only 3 included). 3m double sided tape needed not included. Instructions guide you through all the mods then another round of mods with a mosfet and diode but no explanation why or if you have to do this. We didn't install them and use a 2S Lipo 900mah and works fine so far. Trigger doesn't nicely ramp up to hit the switch, need thicker end to ensure it doesn't slide under the metal tab. I would have used metal thread inserts in the 3D printed blocks if possible, to ensure tight mounting of motor and switches. With some hot glue and small tweaking we got it to work in the end so definitely intermediate to advanced skills needed.

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I think it very good full auto kit for herf