Containment Crew Inferno Flywheels V2 (Pair)
Containment Crew Inferno Flywheels V2 (Pair)

Containment Crew Inferno Flywheels V2 (Pair)

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Containment Crew, made in the USA flywheels offers a new style, The Inferno.  This V2 version has some slight alignment improvements, because of this, please note that V1 and V2 versions are not compatible with one another and cannot be mix and matched. This modified design to the ever popular Cyclone Flywheel that Containment Crew puts out features the same diameter but have a slight inner concave compared to the Cyclones and have three grooves down the center for improved accuracy.  A flame design also make these wheels a flamin' hot choice.

• Machined in the USA
• Acetal
• Diameter: 34.5mm-35.7mm

Customer Reviews

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Omar Alvarez
Awesome flywheels

I installed these flyeheels on a dzp mk3 along with Kraken motors and now it hits an average of 160 with half lenghts and 180 with full lenghts. The accuracy is insane with half lenghts. Full lenghts are a little inaccurate but they are fun to shoot full auto. Since this is a high crush setup on the stock cage, there is dart wear but I find that is less significant than with the stock flywheels.

Micah Johnson

Great flywheels

John Scott Avers
MrScott54, BionicBlasters

These bad boys are an awesome part of the combination inside my son's JynErso blaster that along with the Krakens and the 43.5mm Worker Cage has it hitting consistent 150+FPS through over 16in of barrel in it current configuration. You can't go wrong with these Flywheels. MrScott54, BionicBlasters.

Kurt Thompson
Best OFP style wheels

I haven't had a chance to use the Phoenix wheels yet, but these are my go to wheels for non-Daybreak setups. They are a little hotter than Cyclones and the grooves add a bit to accuracy. With a 42.5mm cage I get 140-145 fps with AF Waffles.

I want to like these

I bought these wheels because the design looks pretty cool, I especially love the flames printed on them. Once I started using these wheels in my Stryfe I started encountering problems. The three lines cut into these wheels left corresponding lines cut into my darts. Additionally, these wheels seem to create more shredded foam and dart heads which were building up on my flywheel cage. It's possible I was using to tight of a crush with my setup, however, I won't be using these in any of my other blasters. I would recommend they remove the three lines in the next version of these wheels, it doesn't seem to have any benefit and only destroys darts faster. I would recommend flat wheels if your looking for a good flywheel.