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NYX Flywheel Cage and Wheel Set by Lord Drac

NYX Flywheel Cage and Wheel Set by Lord Drac

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The NYX Flywheel Cage and Wheel Set by Lord Drac is the Cadillac of beautiful cages and performs like a dream. I haven't seen one that can come close to the quality. The anodizing provides a nice matte finish and the cage is softened to the touch with no hard edges.

• Beautiful black anodized flywheel cage.
• CNC milled aluminum

• 4x Motor mounting screws are included.
• 4x flywheel depth screws
• These require some minor cutting to fit inside most blasters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Skyler B.
Love em.

These will last a very long time

Tim P.
Best Flywheels and Cage.

I’m a first timer at Nerf modding, and have done a substantial amount of research including YouTube, and LordDrac’s reviews have become a favourite, so his cage and flywheels were the first choice for my first mod, and this Stryfe is now more than I expected!

Gabriel M.
NYX flywheel cage

Performs just as expected. Setting screws extremely useful for lining up my flywheels for perfect accuracy. And undoubtedly the coolest sound I’ve heard from any flywheels cage.

Neil M.

Are the fly wheels as good as the cage or should I get different wheels?

you get what you pay for, pure excellence.

first, I want to say that the cage is not overpriced if you look at its background. Delrin wheels and a machined cage designed fully by an individual is not an easy task. There are other cages out there, this is merely another option.

However, should you buy this cage it comes with excellent customer service should there ever be something wrong, (track record is 1/~600) as well as an extremely easy pair of wheels to adjust and set that is unique. I personally have cage #468. It excels at its intended purpose, a premium and unique cage for hvz specs at 130 fps.