Stryfe 3s Performance Mod Kit
Stryfe 3s Performance Mod Kit
Stryfe 3s Performance Mod Kit

Stryfe 3s Performance Mod Kit

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The Stryfe Performance Mod Kit includes all the parts you'll need to modify your Stryfe.

Battery, charger and LiPo alarm are optional add-ons.  LiPo Battery add-on can only be shipped by ground to the continental USA.

Switch mounting plate offers a convenient way to mount your rev switch inside the blaster. Simply glue this in place and you're good to go! 

• Easy mounting of your rev trigger with our custom switch plate
• Simply glue in place with minimal interior shell trimming required
• Just add a LiPo, alarm and charger and you're good to go!

• 39mm - 162 / 5 / AF Pro Short
• 39mm - 180 / 6 / AF Pro Full Length
• 40mm - 155 / 3.8 / AF Pro Short
• 40mm - 177 / 4.7 / AF Pro Full Length
• 41mm - 143 / 2 / AF Pro Short
• 41mm - 182 / 3 / AF Pro Full Length
• 42mm - 111 / 4.9 / AF Pro Short
• 42mm - 155 / 8.1 / AF Pro Full Length

• 2x - Kraken Motors
• 1x - Daybreak Flywheels (Pair)
• 1x - Daybreak Stryfe/Rapidstrike 3D Printed Cage 

• 1x - 21A Genuine Omron Microswitch
• 1x - Stryfe Extended Battery Cover
• 1x - Stryfe Switch Mounting Plate 3D Printed 
• 1x - 16AWG Hobby Wire Red/Black
• 1x - XT-60 Connector Male connector
• 2x - Large Heat Shrink Wrap (Pre-Cut
• 1x - Small Heat Shrink Wrap (Pre-Cut)
• 2x - 3D Printed Motor Cage Spacers

Graphene 3s 950mAh LiPo 
• Charger + LiPo Bag + LiPo Alarm

Customer Reviews

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David Briggs
Was not happy with parts.

I ended up not using all of the kit. Found it to be underpreforming and overpriced. I wish I had just bought the quality pieces individually the first time.

Awesome Kit =)

I can honestly say that this mod kit was exactly what I was looking for, a hard-hitting Stryfe. This was my first Stryfe rewire, but this kit and Captain Xavier's video: made the whole experience smooth and easy. I hadn't soldered before, but the basics weren't hard to get down. The blaster is shooting significantly harder than it was before (I don't have a chronograph, but it is instantly noticeable). The accuracy leaves something to be desired with elite darts, but the AF Tactical Strike darts shoot very straight. The only real complaint I have, which was more of my fault than anything, is that the cage isn't compatible with the Worker short-dart conversion kit (something that could be fixed with minor adjustments or better research lol). Shipping was crazy quick, if that's a concern for you. Great purchase and great service all around.