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Worker Talon Short Dart Adapter (For Flywheelers, No Mag Release)

Worker Talon Short Dart Adapter (For Flywheelers, No Mag Release)

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The Worker Stryfe Magazine Clip Adapter for Short Darts allows you to utilize short dart mags with your Nerf Stryfe or Worker Swordfish/Dominator blasters. Worker Stryfe Short Dart Pusher Rod required (linked below).

• Compatible with Nerf Stryfe and Worker Swordfish/Dominator
• Allows your blaster to be compatible with both long and short darts
• Injection Molded

• Material: ABS Plastic
• Weight: 50g
• SKU: W0394

Worker Stryfe Short Dart Pusher Rod

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Customer Reviews

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Damin L.
Solid Adaptor

I like the adapter, it feeds awesome. However, the magazine seems to be REALLY in there. There are times when I go to pull the magazine out and the whole adapter comes out of my stride. Seems odd. Overall, good product.

Compatibility notice

If you buy the short dart adapter for the Rampage you'll need this mag adapter as the normal ones do not work.

Doesn't Work With Action Force Spectrum

Unfortunately this adapter does not work with the Spectrum. There is a small difference with the adapter wither the corner next to the pusher rod. The rounded corner on this adapter blocks the pusher rod and keeps you from pulling the trigger. It is a shame because the stock 10 round magazine is laughable.

Rapid Red compatible.

Works great in my Stryfe and even better in my Rapid Red no blaster cutting required but you will need an extended pusher arm or just do what i did and glue some foam from a dead dart onto your stock pusher to make it longer.

I'll stick with full length

Gave this a try out in my Stryfe. Wasn't too impressed. You will need to cut out part of the forward tabs in your stryfe magwell, as your talon mags will get pretty scratched up with the position this adaptor puts it into. Just don't cut them too much though, as then the adaptor won't stay in. Also had a serious problem with jams. Nothing was wrong with the mag, as it worked in my other blasters, but it seemed like the mag was being squeezed to much, causing some jams in the. Not sure though. Overall, for my flywheel set ups, I'll stick with full lengths.