Worker Elite Stock Adapter
Worker Elite Stock Adapter
Worker Elite Stock Adapter

Worker Elite Stock Adapter

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The Worker Elite Stock Adapter is compatible many Nerf N-Strike Blasters.  This easy-to-install adapter allows for the use of worker stocks on N-Strike springer blasters.

• Compatible with Nerf N-Strike Elite Blasters

• Nerf N-Strike Retaliator, Rampage Blaster, Elite Alpha Trooper Models, Modulus Models, & more!

• Material: ABS Plastic
• Weight: 15g
• SKU: W0124

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matthew C.
A simple install

I like that this simple piece opens up a whole world of stock options

Vladimir H.
Not recieved

Stil not recieved after 21 days!!!

I c.t.y.m.n.
Poor delivery

I ordered the product months ago and it still hasn't been delivered. Maybe its because of covid-19 but either way I would not recommend purchasing this product during this pandemic. I soon learned that you don't even need to buy this. Just remove the stock point you want to modify from your blaster, and just saw off the back part of it. This product is only useful if you don't own a saw.

Leighton R.
Fast and easy installation

Great for a quick mod (specially for people like me that are to lazy to cut the stock end cap) easy to put on. Just a side note it doesn't come with the screws to attach on to your blaster. The stock ones won't fit (unless it's just mines) but had extras that fit well. Non-the-less great little time saver.

J. K.
Use for retaliator if you want to use worker simple stock

This looks like a part you would need if you want to put a worker simple stock on your retaliator. The original retaliator tail piece doesn't let you fit that stock onto the retaliator blaster. You could mod your tail piece/end cap or just buy this part and change it out. BTW if you are thinking of adding a expanded type plunger tube for the retaliator using the prophecy expanded plunger tube, this part along with the worker simple stock will allow you to use the 25N worker long spring that the modification requires.