Nerf mod Worker Lightweight Shoulder Stock - Out of Darts
Nerf mod Worker Lightweight Shoulder Stock - Out of Darts
Nerf mod Worker Lightweight Shoulder Stock - Out of Darts

Worker Lightweight Shoulder Stock

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Transparent Blue

The Worker Lightweight Shoulder Stock is a comfortable and durable design that is compatible with most blasters including Stryfe, Retaliator, Demolisher to name a few.

• Compatible with most Nerf blasters.
• N-Strike stock (requires standard N-Strike stock attachment on your blaster)
• Includes one stock
• NOT compatible with non-n-strike stocks (such as the Delta Trooper, Rapidstrike)


 Material: ABS Plastic
 Weight: 374g
• SKU: W0181 / W0182 / W0187

Customer Reviews

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Worker Lightweight Stock

This thing, despite its name, adds a good amount of weight on any blaster you attach it to. I think this is a good thing. I've added it to a Spectrum using the RXT spectrum to n-strike adapter, and it fits very well with the look of the Spectrum. I've added a custom muzzle/rail (also from RXT) and it helped push the balance back towards the middle point, but just a note that its actually heavier by a good margin than other stocks from Nerf. I think its a selling point; its very sturdy and feels very well made. Highly recommend if you're looking for a good-sized stock!

The person who didnt buy this
Tacticool ™ as f***

Very Tacticool ™
Want max tactics on your nerf blaster? this is how you do it.

Maddy lefkowitz
Shoulder stock

Honestly well made absolutely loved it

Michael Jordan
Surprisingly good

I picked this up to go with my Worker Phoenix. The length is really good (adult, 5'9") and surprisingly sturdy. The clear color is a little different from the shade of clear on my Phoenix, but it's hardly noticable.

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buddy taras
cool look, very stiff, very nice

used this on my villianator with a rextech stock adapter and body kit. changes the look up great from the typical tommy gun that is popular with the villianator. nice for a longer wingspan and super rigid for stiffer primes.