Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper (PRINT FARM B-GRADE)
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper (PRINT FARM B-GRADE)
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper (PRINT FARM B-GRADE)
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper (PRINT FARM B-GRADE)
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper (PRINT FARM B-GRADE)

Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper (PRINT FARM B-GRADE)

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Galaxy Black
MS Pink
Azure Blue
Dark Blue

Ever wonder what happens to 3D prints that aren't quite up to our standards? In the case of the hopper, we've been saving them for sale at a discounted price. This helps us recover print time/cost and gives the opportunity to purchase a hopper at a much lower price. These are IN STOCK and will ship immediately.

Looking for the standard top quality prints? Find them here.


This drop-in extended hopper for the Nerf Rival perses increases your ammo capacity, while maintaining a sleek look and feel to the blaster. All of the hoppers include a Galaxy Black 3d printed lid.

All magnetic lids are printed in Prusa Galaxy Black. If you prefer another color, then purchase separately in all colors here. Galaxy black is my personal choice as it looks fantastic on both RED and BLUE blasters!


• 160 rounds of total capacity (including bottom stock hopper)
• Paintball pod compatible
• Paintball speed load gate compatible (most brands)
• Drop-in replacement
• Sized exactly to snap in place on the hopper. Gluing is optional!

• Material: PLA Plastic
• Weight: 9oz
• 3D printed
 PLA Plastic in a wide range of colors

 Magnetic lid in 13 colors (order separately if you don't want galaxy black):
 Hex key for installation (2.5mm)
 Compatible FeedGate (Two options, higher and lower injection mold quality, identical performance): 
 Option 1 GenX Global
 Option 2 Exault V3
• Hopper Installation Guide:

• Overview of the Hopper:

• Nerf Rival Perses Mod Guide:



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jubal Conquest
Too sweet

I love this thing. Super easy mod, definitely happy with my purchase, very reasonably priced, worth every penny and The install is so easy even a caveman can do it.
The force is strong with you Luke lol.
I’ve been collecting Dart blasters for a couple years now, I got into the hobby because I was looking for something my son and I could do together and I found it. It doesn’t matter if you’re inside outside battling or target shooting, Which I find to be very good stress reliever and because these mods are so simple I chose it for my first one of course I couldn’t just get the hopper I had to go with the front grip also since I was ordering stuff I got a couple Hammer shot springs some striker/Nexus 175 caps And the MK3 short barrel. I’m definitely eyeballing some more stuff on your side I’m very much intend to order from you guys again very soon, i’m thinking next I should go for a flywheel mod.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Casey George
Just as good!

Can’t imagine how this is B-grade (aside from a few slight cosmetic irregularities). Fits perfectly and performs flawlessly, this is a must-have for the Perses.

Timothy Nelson
Great extended hopper!

Great product to hold more ammo for the Nerf Rival Perses. Well designed, great quality, and sturdy. Did have one issue with the lid, but customer service was outstanding and rectified the situation immediately. Worth the purchase if you're looking to carry more ammo into a Nerf war!

Brody Bingham
The quality and overall feel is insane

This printed part looks cool, works phenomenally, and I got it for half the usual price. If there is a color you want that can only be received through the main product get that, but these b-grade ones are not by any means a less functional product. The print is not like the standard-issue in looks necessarily, but in my opinion, looks just about the same and definitely performs the same. It's the same part, with maybe some print strands coming off and a rougher feel but I have no problems with it. One thing to note that I was not expecting is that it comes with a lid, I ordered a separate one but found it already had one attached. The lids aren't so expensive so no loss for me. Excellent piece to add to the Perses I actually don't have mine yet but have seen others use theirs and it makes the experience so much more fun. Would recommend it, just don't buy a lid separately!

Daniel Cox
Beyond satisfied

Ordered 2 B print hoppers about 2 months ago. They arrived quickly

Easy to install, snaps easily onto hopper bottom. Absolutely makes Perses a beast. Refills easily using paintball canisters. Loved it so much ordered 2 more, 1 for each of our perses.

Now my family can rush the other team with ease.

If they offered one for Nemisis, would buy those as well.

Overall the B print grade is amazing, can't imagine how good a normal print would be.

A must have for any Perses owner