Stryfe XL Pusher for Short Darts
Stryfe XL Pusher for Short Darts

Stryfe XL Pusher for Short Darts

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Stryfe XL Pusher for Short Darts. Note that this ONLY works with short darts.  This will be printed in either silver, or white (depending on supplies).  In general, interior 3D printed parts will be printed in miscellaneous colors since they aren't visible.

• Designed by Tarik
• Converts your stryfe to work with standard short dart magazines without the need for a new adapter!
• Works with all cages I sell (except eclipse- pending testing)

• Material: PET-G Plastic

Customer Reviews

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The piece that was supposed to have a screw screw in completely snapped off. Also, the spring didn't really fit in the circular peg provided, and would come loose whenever I pressed the trigger (this was before the screw piece snapped).

Evan White
Not Compatible With AF Half Mag Adapter

This pusher is NOT compatible with the Nexus/Aeon half mag adapter. Use only with the Talon mag adapter specific for flywheel blasters.

Great quality, nonetheless. Very smooth action with just some minor cleanup.

Don’t buy

After a mouth I finials get the item. I like the Fidelity’s of the product but when I tightened the screw it snapped off.
The spacing for were the retention spring goes is a little too small and keeps coming out.

Great product

you dont have full trigger stroke with an OFP cage but still have more then enough to feed very reliably.

Andrew Nagy (ToadBrews)
Talon compatible!

If you want to run a stryfe using Talon magazines and the adapter from worker, you MUST use this pusher. The pusher itself is not really different from most others (although still perfectly functional), however the second piece include in the kit is 100% necessary. I tried five different printed or purchased pushers before this one, all of them had the same issue: the darts would get pulled back out of the magazine, too far to push. The extra piece in this kit solves that problem, and you can't currently get one anywhere else! Once again, Out of Darts has solved a problem no one else in the community has even noticed yet.