Worker Alloy Trigger Kit (Stryfe)
Worker Alloy Trigger Kit (Stryfe)
Worker Alloy Trigger Kit (Stryfe)
Worker Alloy Trigger Kit (Stryfe)
Worker Alloy Trigger Kit (Stryfe)

Worker Alloy Trigger Kit (Stryfe)

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Rose Gold

Replace the trigger kit for your Nerf Stryfe Blaster with the super durable aluminum alloy trigger kit by Worker.  Bring some added bling to your blaster with the rose gold colorway.

• Compatible with Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster

• Material: Aluminum Alloy
• Color: Rose Gold
• Weight: 16g
• SKU: W0300

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
James Gordon II
Good but has some flaws

I have had this trigger for a month or so and it has worked great but it has a couple problems. Firstly it rattles a bit and secondly when pulled half way it can be rotated to the left and come detached from the pusher mechanism and can not be re attached without taking the blaster fully apart. (This has happened to be 3 times)

Matthew Hunt

This honestly feels so cool to have on my stryfe and i installed it the second i got it. Super nice trigger but the spring with it is so beefed up its crazy. love the trigger if youre reading this review and debating getting yourself one then get one.

Great product

When modifying my blaster, I installed this metal trigger. It works great, and looks even better. Will be using this on all my builds from now on.

Felix Koch
Not functional

I bought this trigger because I had broken the tip of a stock trigger, instead of simply removing the trigger lock, and thought a metal trigger would be cool. While a mistake on my part for breaking the first trigger, this part simply does not function as a stock trigger does. The protruding part in the front of the trigger is not long enough to press against a post on the inside of the shell, and so cannot achieve a full trigger pull. DO NOT waste your money on this part. I directly compared this trigger to a stock trigger from a second stryfe, and there’s about a 7mm difference. At least for me, it does not feed darts far enough without an extremely heavy trigger pull.

Hi Felix, In order to use this trigger you will need to modify your blaster. If you'd like to return this, please contact me directly.