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Tooth & Nail Caliburn kit by Drac

Tooth & Nail Caliburn kit by Drac

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The Drac Tooth and Nail Kit allows you to add punch to your Caliburn while having awesome trigger response. Crafted of durable anodized aluminum. Check out the Caliburn Tooth & Nail 2 Miniature Edition for the Caliburn Miniburn too!

*Only compatible with v3 or older Caliburns

• Compatible with Miniburn

• Material: Anodized Aluminum Sear, Plunger, and Trigger
• Hardware Kit (1 Hex Key, 1 Lathed Top Hat Piece)

• Drac Tooth and Nail
• Drac's Kickstarter for the Tooth and Nail 2: Miniature Edition
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Customer Reviews

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David J.W.

I bought this little kit for the soul purpose of reviewing since there arent many qualitative reviews on the tooth and nail.

The first thing i will say is this.
The design on the trigger and sear are easily the best factors of the kit. The trigger is comfortable and geometry of the sear makes the weight of the trigger pull much lighter than other printed and aluminum sears ive tried.

Trigger and sear are 10/10

The only issue is have is with the plunger, which is just too massively heavy. coming in at 76.8g it weights almost literally 2x heavier than an acetal plunger.
This makes me worry about the ram base. I would recommend and aluminum ram base if you want to use the tooth and nail kit.

I think there is room for improvement in the weight department as the side walls of the plunger are much thicker than necessary.

Performance wise, the plunger performs effectively identical to an acetal plunger so no complaints here.
And when it comes to aesthetics, the plunger looks amazing. If you want the looks of the tooth and nail, then you have only one option in this department.

I have to give the tooth and nail a 10/10 in aesthetics and performance, but when you factor in the price it makes a much harder sell.
With the price factored in I give the tooth and nail an 8/10.