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Worker Caliburn Metal Parts Kit

Worker Caliburn Metal Parts Kit

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The Worker Caliburn Striker Replacement Kit replaces the original plastic printed piece with a durable metal striker. Featuring strong aluminum alloy construction that is compatible with the F10555 Caliburn Blaster. Includes striker, piston, release, scaffolding, and piston release

*Only compatible with Worker Caliburns

• Compatible with F10555 Caliburn Blaster (Holy Sword)

• Material: Alloy
• Weight: 168g
• SKU: W0375 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Seth O.
Absolutely amazing.

Minus the o-rings that come with the kit, provided it is properly lubricated with good o-rings, you can get a perfect seal. The parts are milled great, have a nice heft to them, the trigger pull is nice and smooth, the catch has a nice defining click, the rambase is indestructible. When fired, the heft of the plunger actually gives the caliburn noticeable tactile recoil, which is an awesome effect. Make sure it is properly lubricated, though, or you will lose FPS. Overall an amazing value for the money, I just wish it came with an extra silicone shock pad.

Works in a CS Caliburn

I can confirm these fit into my Gobb-Snogga made by captain slug himself. Had to finnegel some pieces a bit the sear ended up being a bit loose on the sleave that goes around the pivot screw. I used a piece of e tape as a shim to tighten it. The plunger head works great and fits K25/26 just fine.