Rival Apollo 4.25" K26 (Hand cut, one end squared)
Rival Apollo 4.25" K26 (Hand cut, one end squared)

Rival Knockout Spring (125FPS)

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This precut Rival Knockout from the K25 spring is the perfect upgrade mod for your blaster for greater speed and accuracy. This mod is not for young kids as you'll need to compress the spring a bit when installing in the plunger tube! You can lose the plastic pieces in the handle but everything else should stay where it's at; you only need to remove the plunger tube. Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the cover off the notches and be careful as it sits on a pretty tight fit. This spring has been custom cut and tested to fit the Rival Knockout blaster.

• Easy to Medium difficulty on installation
• One end will be flat/squared, the other will be a raw cut.
• Average 125 FPS

• Cut-to-Length Compression Spring,
• Material: Made in the USA of USA spring-tempered steel
• Dimensions: About 130mm Long, hand cut, flat on one end.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Salvador T.
Great spring

Turns your knockout into a hand cannon, you won’t be disappointed

Theron K.
Good spring

This spring is incredible, I wouldn’t pair it with a short dart mod because it would shoot too fast and too hard, but this spring on a stock blaster shooting rival rounds is great!

Kaitlynn G.

Pain to install

Extremely hard to put on

after assembling the extremely hard spring my whole gun imploded because the spring got primed and it wouldn't shoot

Jacob B.
Be careful not to over do it

This spring is very, very powerful. So powerful, in fact, that it sheared the plastic connecting the plunger to he plunger head when I accidentally dry fired it. However, my knockout was a TKO with the air restrictor removed, so your mileage may vary. The few shots I did get through it before it broke were amazing though.