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Worker 12KG Retaliator Spring

Worker 12KG Retaliator Spring

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The Worker 12KG Retaliator Spring is offers an increased range and accuracy to your Nerf Retaliator and Worker Prophecy blaster.

• Compatible with Nerf Retaliator & Worker Prophecy
• Spring only

• 12KG rated spring
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Weight: 8g
• SKU: W0236

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stephanie S.
Very hard prime

I tried to install this spring into my retailator. I have the “blue bolt” awp sniper kit. The spring was almost impossible to prime. I am using the worker metal bolt sled and the side bolt kit. I feel like 12 kg was to much so I ordered a 9kg. Idk if I am doing something wrong but I would like to know.

Friend got this for me as a gift it works great

The spring works good the only problem is that it is a little to big for the gun so I kinda of forced it in my gun.

Brandon N.
fits in worker longstrike kit

I bought the worker longstrike kit that comes with a 9kg spring. This spring fits that kit and the prime is not difficult. the sled is the original plastic one from the longstrike. I dont know how long it will last but has shot more than 50 darts with it already. I hope to see a lonstrike sled back on the market again some day. The spring is nice.

Kevin K.M.
Great upgrade, worth the price.

Got this a while ago but didn't install it till I got a strong pump for my build. It went in pretty easily. The spring is a little too long to fit in the case, but all i did was leave a small part sticking out of the small hole for the plunger rod then slowly turned the wire until it completely slid into the blaster housing.

John M.

Worker 12KG Retaliator Spring