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Worker 7KG Retaliator Spring Kit

Worker 7KG Retaliator Spring Kit

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The Worker 7KG Retaliator Spring Kit is a durable stainless steel design catered towards making your Nerf Retaliator blaster more accurate and speedy.

• Compatible with Nerf Retaliator
• Mid-weight design
• Easy to install

• 7KG rated spring
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Weight: 70g
• SKU: W0071
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fynn G.
Retaliator 7kg Spring

The spring fit pretty snug into the stock blaster. Installation was easy and painless. Shoots well and is worth the price.

Joel D.
7kg spring kit is solid

I installed the worker 7kg spring kit with no major issues, though I found the worker instructions from to be unclear in a couple steps. There is a step (step 9) that I think is showing how to remove a spring from a lock, but the step doesn't have any text. I finally figured out the install and the retaliator works great now. Also the photo still shows the silicone lube even though it's not part of the kit.
7kg feels like a good upgrade if you're still playing indoors and with younger children; you get the increased range and accuracy without having to worry about hits stinging too much. My buddy's kid was laughing so much as he ask me to try and shoot him while he attacked me with a nerf sword lol. :)

actual i.


Brandon N.
easy install and great HVZ spring

on my chronobarrel (this is not the best chronograph) my stock retaliator shot about 68 fps. after install my retaliator shot 115fps with full length adventure force and 120 with full length elites. the takeaway is a great performance improvement. Top hand priming has gotten noticeably harder and would be difficult for kids. I plan to get a pump grip to make it easier. there aren't any instructions with the product but you can find them on worker's website:

Vladimir H.

Order still dont recieved
15days and nothing!