Worker 22KG Longshot Spring

Worker 22KG Longshot Spring

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The Worker 22KG Longshot Spring is the heaviest weight I carry. Designed for the maximum power possible!

• Compatible with Nerf LongShot
• Steel Construction

• 22KG rated spring
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Weight: 37g

• SKU: W0358

Customer Reviews

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Does not fit!

Either I got the wrong spring, or it looks nothing like the picture shown. It also does not fit into the stock plunger tube. While I understand it's not best practice to use it in the stock plunger tube, it should be mentioned in the description that it requires an expanded plunger tube.

It also does not feel like 22kg, though that may just be me. It feels lighter.

Matthew S.
Great Aeon Pro Spring

Cut a little over 1 coil off 1 end and then bent it flat to rest against the tube cap. With an 8" brass barrel and this spring my Aeon Pro is hitting 210fps extremely consistantly with a firm but smooth prime. I also had to clearance the trigger just a little to give it a little more travel in order to release the catch propperly. Had tried this previously with 18kg worker spring and only shot 160fps so this spring has a much better fit and performance.

It shoots harder then the 16kg...

After receiving this spring I was concerned about the lack of coils on the did increase my fps by 30 or roughly 15% in my longshot Omega kit from my 16kg it came with, but the prime felt the same. So it does work, but not impressed with this spring at all.

Anna Z.
Was it a mistake?

On the picture of the spring, top left it says 14kg. Was it a mistake?

Spencer N.
Never Showed up

Its been two weeks and my order still hasn't showed up, I'm assuming this is just a one-time thing, because the service and shipping from OOD is usually amazing. But as for this order, a little disappointed