Tornado Drop Leg Holster (Right & Left)
Tornado Drop Leg Holster (Right & Left)

Tornado Drop Leg Holster (Right & Left)

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The Tornado Drop Leg Holster has an adjustable holster and leg size option. The drop leg holster is available in right and left hand options and fits a small to medium sized blaster well.

• Adjustable Drop Leg Holster
• Available in right and left options

• Material: Polyester-Blend + Velcro
• Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 13in
• Weight: 14oz


Customer Reviews

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Secure, easy to use, and awesome in general.

This holster is really comfortable , and can be adjusted a lot. This allows your your blaster is more secure, or to sit up higher out of it making for a faster draw. It works great with the utility belt also sold here, and fits plenty of blasters, from the Kronos and Knockout to a hammershot or strongarm/disruptor. The fact that it is sold in both left and right-handed variants was great, because even though I'm right handed, I prefer to shoot lefty.


does this fit a Kronos

Great Value!

I just got 2 sets of this holster (left and right) and have not been able to test them at game yet. First impression: very well made holster for the price. The belt loop will accept belts sizes up to around 2 inches wide and has a quick detach clip that allows you to detach the holster without removing the belt loop from the belt. The leg straps have grip backing to stay in place, have an elastic portion to provide give during movement and have quick release clips to allow the entire holster to be quickly taken off and put back on. The length of adjustment from belt to holster is rather short, probably around 2 inches in adjustment or so. This holster is clearly made for airsoft / real steel replica use, but width does adjust to accept a wide range of blasters. It seems to fit reasonably well for the Hammershot / Sweet Revenge, but that is about the max size that will fit without a velcro extension. It fits the Dartzone Blitz, Quadrot and 4 Victory as well. Very happy with my purchase.

Perfect for a Hammershot!

This holster is very well made. It is adjustable, but I bought it with my Hammershot in mind- and this fits it perfectly! It is very comfortable to wear, and the leg straps stretch to move as you walk- so they don’t ride up or need adjusting. My favorite part, though, is the sound- it makes the best sound when you holster it, like they were made to go together. There are cheaper holsters, but not better ones for the price!