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788 Spring with squared ends (BETTER than McMaster)

788 Spring with squared ends (BETTER than McMaster)

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788 springs that are used in many nerf blasters. These are similar to our K25 springs but have a slightly higher frequency (distance between coils). When cut to 10", these make a fantastic low FPS Caliburn spring.

• Choose from a 1-pack or 5-pack
• 788 spring with squared/flat ends
• Stainless steel

• Material: Made in the USA of spring-tempered steel
• Dimensions: 10” long / 26 coils / 0.969" OD / 0.080" spring thickness

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kong T.
Good springs.

Great for a full prime low fps spring. It is 10 inches by the way in length.

hits harder than i though.

I recently purchased the worker Caliburn kit and man was i impressed. Maybe I got a golden sample or maybe Worker is shipping the kit is a heavier spring, but my Caliburn was hitting ~260fps avg using AF half length pro darts over both my chronographs with the included spring. While i like the high velocity, the spring weight is heavier than Id like.

The 788 performed better than I expected. The spring weight is noticeably lighter than the stock spring, making the blaster much more enjoyable to shoot.
And over the chronographs I got velocities of ~235 fps, which is higher than i expected.

I haven't tested the performance with the spring cut down to 10", and i likely wont get around to it unless i buy another 788.

Overall, I am perfectly pleased with this product. 5 stars.