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Blasterparts Alphahawk Spring

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The Blasterparts Nerf Alphahawk Spring allows you to increase your firing range and is a moderate difficulty mod.

• Equivalent mass of spring: 6kg
• Firing range increase: about 20%*
• Muzzle velocity increase: about 30%*
• Difficulty level of spring installation: moderate

*measured with Nerf Accustrike darts
*more photos to come. Photo by Blasterparts

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jon-david i.
Etsy Review Love this shop

Love this shop

Jon S.
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A Modder's View

Australian modder here. I tried an Australian sourced 7.5 kg spring with upgraded catch. Primes hard but hits hard. This 6kg spring seems a better option. A bit easier on the internals. TO GET THE PRIME BARS OFF - STICK A FLAT SCREWDRIVER IN THE LITTLE SLOT ABOVE THE PRIMING TRACK RETURN POSITION. WORK IT UP AND DOWN AND POP OUT THE PRIMING BAR. NO CUTTING NO EPOXY NEEDED. Hope this helps out. The Alphahawk is a blaster with a cool formfactor but weak stock internals. Buy this spring it can only make it better!

Makes Trade Offs

First off, I want to say that the shipping speed was astounding! Only 3 business days!

I also want to say that installing the spring is a little tricky. Once in, it certainly does increase the power and range, but only by 10-15 feet. And you lose quite a lot of consistency. Some darts will fly farther than others, and some will veer to the side. Which is unfortunate as the Alphahawk is a sniper rifle. So I ended up putting the stock spring back in, and the consistency and accuracy returned.
On a side note, all the opening/closing the blaster ruined the left hand bolt latch mechanism. As such, I have to glue in the bolt. Not a problem with the spring, just my usual bad luck.

In summary, Out Of Darts is great! This particular spring and gun combo however, is less than stellar.