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Blasterparts Metal Hammershot kit w/ Spring (2 metal options)

Blasterparts Metal Hammershot kit w/ Spring (2 metal options)

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The Blasterparts Metal Hammershot Kit w/ Spring is an upgraded spring along with metal hammer. Ultimate style with an easy installation. Modify this popular blaster with this easy-to-install kit by Blasterparts.  The Hammershot Metal Modification Kit. This kit features a priming lever and a trigger made of metal. Made of durable metal with two different metal option available. Get that fast-shot cowboy firing with some added metallic bling with this kit. Be sure to lubricate the part where the trigger and and priming lever make contact during install.

Due to the packaging, the metal on these kits may have some minor cosmetic scratches.

*Not compatible with the Nerf Lawbringer!

• Trigger, Spring & Prime Kit for Nerf Hammershot Blaster
Durable Metal Construction
• Includes Lubrication 

• Equivalent Mass: ~ 9 kg
• Range: 20 - 25 m
• Photo by Blasterparts
• Material: Metal 
• Weight: 2.4oz
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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
David C.
Great product

Easy to install great instructions made one of my favorite blasters even better. Great trigger pull easy to prime hammer and shoots stronger.

Riley s.
Works for trailblazer (kinda) (but not really)

If you are comfortable with clippers, files, and otherwise, you *can* get this to function in some capacity with the trailblazer.

I personally only wanted the trailblazer shell for the handle design, so I'm not sure the mechanism for rotating the dart cylinder could be retrofit as well.

Anyways, NOT A DROP IN REPLACEMENT. the hammer slot must be widened, a section of the skeleton must be removed, and the pin for the hammer must be relocated half a centimeter or so down.

I had to go crazy melting plastic and filling/gluing but I did get it to function.

The trailblazer *is* a nicer skeleton design than the hammershot, with an attractive outter shell. But, all that said, it is entirely too difficult to make this work and I'm certain I made the blaster function worse because of it.

Maybe OOD will make metal trailblazer parts if this blaster does well?

Anyways. The parts were fantastic on my hammershot a year ago and this second kit I ordered is just as high quality today.

Krishna T.

Blasterparts Metal Hammershot kit w/ Spring (2 metal options)

Stefan V.
Hanmershot kit

Overall I really like the kit. It functions well and is easy to install. I had to file the trigger slightly to get it to move but I assume that comes with modding.

Brown R.
High quality, high performance.

I put this kit in two Hammershots, one with the 9kg spring and the other with the OOD upgrade spring, and it performs beautifully in both. Would purchase again.