Blasterparts Nerf FalconFire Upgrade Spring

Blasterparts Nerf FalconFire Upgrade Spring

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Blasterparts Nerf FalconFire Spring improves your velocity and range.  This is a moderate mod that improves your firing range by about 30%.

• Compatible with Nerf FalconFire Blaster

• Equivalent mass of spring: 7kg
• Firing range increase: About 30%
• Muzzle velocity increase About 25%
• Difficulty level of spring installation: Moderate


*measured with Nerf N-Strike AccuStrike darts

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Jefferson D.
    Spamf Spring

    This was part of my Spamf build and I am incredibly happy with the performance and ease of replacement. Now I want to get a second and build a long barrel super spamf.

    Tyler W.
    Works fantastic with the SPAMF kit

    Following up on my previous review. Spring worked great in the stock FalconFire. Got my SPAMF kit in from GFZ Customs and it still fires like a champ. Because its a contained component within the plunger assembly, there was zero extra work to be done. Swapped out parts while on a work webinar and have myself a BAMF SPAMF.

    Tyler W.
    Worthwhile upgrade for stock FalconFire

    Just received this spring today. Very easy installation into my otherwise stock FalconFire. Drops right in to the blaster, simple swap out for the stock spring. It is a bit tricky on the reassembly and getting it to prime/fire. Took a few times to get it to work just right, but it "brings the hits" now. Just gotta get my hands on some SPAMF parts and this FalconFire will be a BAMF SPAMF.

    L. H.
    Won't Compress Enough To Prime

    I droppped this into newly modded SPAMF Falconfire, but doesn't compress enough to hold the prime. The trigger won't engage. I trimmed it down
    and I guess I didn't trim enough because I still had the same problem. I finally tried another spring that I had lying around that appeared to be a bit
    stronger than the stock spring, but not by much!