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Worker 7KG CycloneShock Spring

Worker 7KG CycloneShock Spring

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An easy-to-install upgrade spring for your Mega CycloneShock Nerf blaster.  The Worker 7KG Spring features stainless steel construction and a mid weight design.

• Compatible with Nerf Mega CycloneShock

• 7KG rated spring
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Weight: 59g
• SKU: W0080
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christian C.
Not quite just right

The spring is the right length and definitely stronger. I had 2 issues with it. 1) the diameter is slightly more narrow than the stock spring which caused it to slip through the stopper a couple of times. 2) the strength of the spring caused the plastic piece that is attached to the **** at the head of the plunger rod to snap off. I had to jimmy rig it with some hardware I had lying around. I ended up cutting the spring in half and adding it to the front end of the stock spring and it seems to be holding up now.

Stan V.
make my blaster shoot as hard as my nerf rival!

Great spring, install was easy and my cycloneshock shoots as hard as my rival finisher now. I will warn you that the blaster is now a lot harder to prime. I would not recommend putting a more powerful spring in then this one because the stock internals will not be able to handle it.

Extremely (too?) stiff for Cycloneshock

Tried installing in a Cycloneshock, but the pull was too heavy and nearly caused some of the mechanism to break. Stock spring seems decent enough when the Cycloneshock is rechambered for elite darts, so sticking with that.

Great spring!

It was fairly easy to install and now my blaster has twice the range.

Jack W.
Great Spring For 3 Shot Cylinder

Recently printed a 3 shot elite cylinder for the cyclone shock and needed more power to get proper performance. Spring worked perfectly in the build, another great product!