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Worker 18KG Phantom Kronos Spring

Worker 18KG Phantom Kronos Spring

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The Worker 18KG Kronos Spring provides improved range and accuracy to your Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500.

• Compatible with Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500

• 18KG rated spring
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Weight: 70g
• SKU: W0336

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jack N.

A+ product

Tim L.
Excellent product!

Improves power massively!
Highly recommended mod.

James k.
Hit the high numbers!

First of all get a T-pull of some kind along with this spring. You will thank me. I put this spring in my DIY mag fed “proKrono” build. And this spring packs a punch! At 280+FPS average. With a high of 323-FPS this spring is absolutely worth the heavy prime and truly amazing at this low price! I highly recommend this spring for half dart builds. And out of darts for all your modding needs. Best price and fast shipping.

Mae S.
A Lot of FPS Takes a Lot of Strength!

I am 16 years old, 165 lbs, and this thing is still a viable beast of a spring! I can lift about 50 pounds rather easily, so I thought this would be a BREEZE to prime... and BOY was I wrong! With a rail priming assistant from FoamTechnician, this thing is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to prime at 40 lbs (18kg). I need to prop it against a hard surface and push down pretty damn hard for it to fully prime. It's too heavy of a "run n' gun" prime for your "average nerfer", but I still like it due to its sheer power of 170 FPS. For these reasons, I am giving this product 4 stars. It works, but it's not for everyone...

P.S. DEFINITELY prime the spring with the catch before putting it in the gun. Even priming it outside of the blaster is hard, and you'll need to use a hard surface for that priming as well. Also, just sticking the spring in like a regular spring mod is a death sentence! That thing will explode on you in seconds if you aren't careful...

Cole L.
Not for light weights

I'm 230lbs husky guy and much stronger then average and it takes my full attention and effort to prime this thing with no T pull. Even with a T pull an average person will need decent effort. With that being said, it shoots very hard. Reminds me of being hit with a paint ball. Also do not just try to put this spring in, watch a few install on this specific 18kilo spring. Best way is to prime the spring with its catch out side the blaster, once primed put the plunger spring and catch back in the shell and make sure All Screw are secure.