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Dartzone Liberator Spring (120 FPS)

Dartzone Liberator Spring (120 FPS)

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The Dartzone Liberator Spring is a custom made spring from a K25 that offers a roughly 120 FPS average compared to the stock average of 90 FPS. This mod is relatively easy and light enough for most ages on the prime. 

Super easy install. Just take off the shell and the plunger can be removed without taking anything else out. The custom cut K25 is slightly longer than the stock spring so you'll need a tiny bit of compression to get the screw back in but it shouldn't be too difficult. Also careful with the ammo load door to keep the tension spring on as it can pop out easily. 

• Easy difficulty on installation
• One end flat, one end cut, About 150mm length
• Around 120FPS

• Custom made compression spring
• Material: Made in the USA of USA spring-tempered steel
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Definitely works

I just installed my new spring and it works awesome. If you have troubles trying to prime it, make sure you prime it all the way. Other then that, solid 10/10

Alexander S.
Excellent performance for cheap

Just received my k25 spring for my liberator. It's truly a night and day difference in performance once you install the spring.

Amy F.
Dart-Zone Liberator Upgrade Spring

I ordered this upgrade spring for my liberator. The spring was not the right size, wasn't able to lock the prime bar in place. I am going to try a few different ways to fix the spring so I don't have to use the stock spring.

Neo C.

I was somewhat impressed with the stock liberator, as for 15 bucks, it packed a decent punch. BUT, just as the famous Brit Jeremy Clarkson was in constant search of more power, so was I. And this spring delivered. Now, everytime I rack the Liberator, I feel a patriotic fervor rush through me. And when I pull the trigger, the loud ping and ball flying at 120 fps satiates my need for destruction. It's just stupendous. Although I wish it had flattened ends on both sides, it didn't bother me all that much. Easy install. Make sure to rack it all the way. Overall a fantastic purchase.

Shawn S.

Dartzone Liberator Spring (120 FPS)