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Dartzone Magnum Spring (115 FPS)

Dartzone Magnum Spring (115 FPS)

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The Dartzone Magnum Spring is a custom made spring from a K26 that offers a roughly 115+ FPS average compared to the stock average of 80 FPS. This mod is fairly complex but not too difficult for seasoned modders. With added power, accuracy and a full drum of 40 shots, this custom K26 Spring Modded Blaster is some serious competition. The spring has been tested to fit the Dartzone Magnum Superdream Blaster.

You'll need to remove the ammo drum first by inserting an Allen key or paper clip into the hole in the back. There's a little spring loaded plastic hook that keeps the inner rod from being removed. You'll have to feel around and depress it in order to remove the orange rod. There's several layers of shell with the priming and firing grips. Make sure to remove all the screws and then you'll be able to access the plunger tube and rod. Don't remove any of the internals, you should be able to pull the plunger tube out by itself. Then just replace the stock spring with your custom K26 Dartzone Magnum Spring and put the plunger tube back in making sure to get the orientation right so the side rails snap into place. 

• Medium difficulty on installation
• One end flat, one end cut, About 77mm in length
• Around 115FPS 

• Custom made compression spring
• Material: Made in the USA of USA spring-tempered steel
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Customer Reviews

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Jordan C.
Too much for magnum

This is a quality spring and it shot hard after installing (at least 115 fps), but I decided to remove it after testing because I felt sure it would damage the blaster eventually. The location of the priming handle make it less suited to a really strong spring as well