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Daybreak CNC Rayven Flywheel Cage Set

Daybreak CNC Rayven Flywheel Cage Set

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Daybreak CNC cage for the Rayven with daybreak flywheels, designed by Kuryaka. They are a quality high-concavity wheel compatible with the daybreak CNC cage or the daybreak 3D printed cage. They are also compatible with 41.5mm OFP cages.

• Variable crush of either 40mm or 41mm
• Choose 41mm crush for a mid-crush setup (compatible with hard-tipped darts) 
• Choose 40mm for a high crush setup (NOT compatible with hard-tips)
• Acetal and CNC aluminum
• Machined wheels
• Small root diameter wheels


• These cages while tighter in spacing, also have smaller wheels, yielding comparable crush options to other systems.
• 41mm with entry level motors will yield around 140FPS
• 40mm with entry level motors will yield 160FPS (Further testing needed here)

 Wheels without cage 
• 3D Printed Daybreak cages
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great perfect for my local wars.

I've have mine on regular Rio's and the get 145~155.

Peter A.W.
High FPS Exceeded expectations

So I failed.
A nerf Rayven was going to be my first Lipo powered flywheeler I modded myself and I was hoping to make it good for HvZ, also so I can fling foam at younger nerfers without feeling guilty. This is a great cage, but I believe it is why I failed at staying under 130 FPS. I was flinging around 160-180fps with revamped fangs and a 2s lipo. The cage has a rather high crush on the dart is my understanding. High crush can lead to higher fps numbers.

Ryan H.
High fps

I got this thinking 1 would hit 140 fps with fangs on 2s. when I was down I crono ed it and I was hitting 184 on average. great if you want high fps bad if you don't. I was in the low setting too.