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Daybreak Flywheels (Pair)

Daybreak Flywheels (Pair)

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The daybreak flywheels, designed by Kuryaka. They are a quality high-concavity wheel compatible with the daybreak CNC cage or the daybreak 3D printed cage. 

• Machined Acetal wheels
• Small root diameter wheels

• CNC Daybreak cages

 3D Printed Daybreak cages
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Shannon B.
Awesome as Always

These flywheels are beyond expectations. I wanted a blaster that would hit hard but this thing is a beast I went with 39mm crush with Kraken's on a 3s demolisher set up not for the faint of heart . Luke and his team are always quick to answer questions and provide fast support and as always the 3d printed parts exceeded me expectations. I recommend Out Of Darts to everyone who I meet who is interested in the hobby

Great Wheels

I haven't tried other wheels so I don't know how these compare to others. I do know these are amazing. With 41mm crush I am hitting well above 150 fps with full length darts on several builds, and about 145 fps with short darts.

Dallas G.
Krakens + Daybreaks

Getting into the 170s with Kraken+Daybreak setup in 40.5mm Cage. Definitely go krakens for full auto builds. They won't lag between shots.

David P.

Works great in my gryphon!

Eric W.
Daybreak cage and flywheels: built for speed, not accuracy

I bought the 41mm daybreak cage and a pair of daybreak flywheels for a modded Stryfe with a Worker full auto kit running Neo Rhinos on 3S. 3D print quality on the cage is great. Spin up times on the light flywheels are snappy, and I’m regularly getting about 165-175 fps (sometimes up to 190!) when using Dart Zone full length watermelon darts. Putting out 8-10 darts per second at that speed makes the blaster a real dart hose! The only drawback is the groupings of the darts. Emptying an 18 round mag at a human sized target from 90 feet only results in 9 or 10 hits. I have a second full-auto Stryfe running a 42.5mm Morpheus cage with aluminum guide tube and Worker high power flywheels with slanted grooves which consistently puts 17 of 18 darts on target from the same range, but that only hits about 150 fps, so it drops off pretty quickly at greater ranges. The crush and highly concave wheels in the daybreak set up definitely increase the muzzle velocity, but I wouldn’t say that corresponds to a real increase in range due to the wider dart groupings. The price is right though, and in a full-auto blaster the daybreak kit still delivers the hits! I’ll be buying another daybreak setup next time I mod a Stryfe or Rapidstrike.