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Daybreak Ultra 2.0 3D Printed Flywheel Cage

Daybreak Ultra 2.0 3D Printed Flywheel Cage

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The Daybreak Ultra 2.0 3D Printed Flywheel Cage is a perfect option for your Ultra 2.0 flywheel blaster mod. Adapts the Ultra 2 to fire standard elite darts. Get the speed and accuracy you're looking for with quality design and printing from your favorite mod shop.

• 3D Printed 
• Designed by Kuriyaka
 Available in multiple sizing options
• Includes flywheel cage screws


• Material: PLA plastic

*Please note: Offering specific colors for internal parts isn't feasible for production. We generally print this part in silver when our filament supply allows.

• Daybreak Flywheels
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Customer Reviews

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Kris M.
The Final Piece

Can hardly wait to install this.

Great quality, Great fit, needs tweaks to make it workable.

Great quality cage. Popped it in the Ultra 2 shell no problem. The one issue I have is that the center line is much lower than the center line of the original cage. I had planned to mod the stock drum for elite darts but the stock drum holes are too close to the center of the drum and won't feed into this cage properly. A custom drum is required. I ordered a 9-shot elite dart drum from Gavinfuzzy, I hope it lines up with this cage. Also, because of the lower center line, the dart path is through the very bottom of the barrel and not the center. I am not sure if this will cause a problem yet or not.

Kurt T.
Drop in Daybreak Cage for the Ultra 2

Perfect drop in cage for the Ultra 2. I haven't put these in the blasters yet as I'm waiting on the Elite Dart Cylinders, but the cage is great quality and went together easily. I went with the 41mm setup with I think is great for our PANNC fps limit games (I think the 40mm would be a bit too hot). I usually get 140-150 fps with the 41mm Daybreak cages and hobby standard motors (Fang Revampeds or Krakens). You might need to file the underside of the motor mounts a little to clean up some extra plastic.