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Glue stick

Glue stick

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A glue stick. That’s about it. My daughters don't need any more glue...

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Customer Reviews

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Aleksandar Y.
Truly wonderful.

This is one of the best, if not THE best food I have tried in a gazzillion years. It tastes wonderful on almost everything, as it is also a natural condiment. It may leave your tongue a bit sticky but, Isn't that part of the experience?
When I added it to a toast for the first time to see how good it would be, it blew my mind. I was transported to the first homosapiens to ever exist, and without hesitation, I gave him the magical toast. It was so good that he started dancing. I'm extremely thankful to you Luke, for opening my mind so much.

Too Delicious

After taking a bite, i was craving for more. This goes especially well with toast, a fantastic spread for your next breakfast. Some people say it is too salty for their liking, but i think it is actually perfect. The flavour, texture, taste, all of it is absolutely wonderful. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to try this. I am also going to try this with my mac and cheese, and other dishes as it adds a pop of flavour that no other food item can do so. It also has lots of energy inside, so if you are running out of energy in a game, you can eat this to get a boost in your performance. The prime of your blaster is smooth and easy. You are guaranteed to hit a target every single shot, and you can run faster then most caliburns. You will dodge bullets with ease, and will ultimately win the game in a matter of seconds. Try this with your family and friends, i can guarantee that this will be the perfect food for all, small or big, rich or poor, you just have to try it.

Ralph R.

This candy might be expired tastes funny.

Michael K.
Try it on muffins

Goes great with a muffin

Is m.a.i.
Good on bread

Don’t know why people are saying it’s too salty and it doesn’t stick well I personally think it’s good on toast compared to what others say.