Graphene 3s 950mAh 65c LiPO pack (XT-60) OOD Exclusive
Nerf mod Graphene 2s 950mAh 65c LiPO pack (XT-60) OOD Exclusive - Out of Darts
Graphene 3s 950mAh 65c LiPO pack (XT-60) OOD Exclusive

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Graphene 3s 950mAh 65c LiPO pack (XT-60) OOD Exclusive

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LiPo batteries, despite being shipped via Priority Mail can travel at GROUND SPEEDS ONLY! Batteries, or orders containing batteries will take 4-5 days longer than normal, and they may take odd routes in delivery as they are 100% transported by truck.

*I'm unable to ship LiPo batteries outside the continental USA. If you place an order to outside of this I will have to cancel the battery portion of your order!
These are shipped properly marked and I can not ship more than three of them per package. If you order more than three batteries, I will have to refund the additional ones due to USPS shipping requirements. 

The Turnigy Graphene 950mAh 65c 3s LiPO pack (XT-60 connector) is a reliable graphene battery that is compatible with all 3s motors including the Kraken, Neo-Rhino and Valkyrie. This pack was created custom just for Out of Darts. It features heavy gauge 16AWG wiring, short leads and an XT-60 connector.

You absolutely MUST purchase a voltage alarm to use these safely. Please read all care and use for best practices concerning LiPO batteries. I sell voltage alarms for $3 on the shop, which will save you from ruining a battery. 

This battery does NOT fit inside a Jupiter properly, as it is too thick. If you're looking for a 3s Jupiter battery, go with the 500mAh Panther 3s.

-Reliable Zippy battery
-Compatible motor pairs include; Kraken, Neo-Rhino and Valkyrie. (All 3s motors)
-XT-60 Connector!
-16AWG short leads (more space for your battery)

-61A maximum current draw
-65c rated
-950mAh capacity



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