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High-Power MOSFET Board PCB w/Jumper wires

High-Power MOSFET Board PCB w/Jumper wires

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*Due to ongoing supply chain issues and the chip shortage, we don't have a current ETA for a restock of this product. It will be restocked when possible.

The Out of Darts high-powered MOSFET board. This board can take whatever you throw at it. Want to run a three cage dominator? This is perfect for all of your high powered needs. This PCB (Printed Circuit Board) comes fully assembled, ready to connect to your favorite blaster. Use on any flywheel setup, be it single stage or multi-stage.

*This Product is not compatible with PWM boards.

*A note about motor and MOSFET ratings; Our community often overestimates motor current ratings, as many of these are done on paper. Stall current is extremely brief. Because of this, we have rated each of these MOSFET products by the number of motors they can support. We warranty them for this use, rather than giving specific ratings.

• Designed by Out of Darts
• For use in any build
• Assembled in the USA!

• High current rating
• Board is rated for 15A Continuous/100A peak
• MOSFET is rated for 180A Continuous/720A peak
• Board is rated for up to three pairs of motors!
• Compatible with an on/off switch
• Jumpers included for FIRE and ON/OFF functions

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Customer Reviews

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Lachlan C.

I recently purchased this Mosfet (from a third party source due to DHL shipping costs) to modify my Dart Zone Matrixfire, as I was modifying the blaster, I found connecting the wires and soldering to the board was incredible easy, and solved a ton of issues that I had with the original blaster. This Mosfet had also helped me to install a Dual stage cage with 180 Neo Hellcats with almost no fuss with soldering the wires together to bridge for the Mosfet. (except for the shell cutting at my schools workshop)

If you are finding soldering terminals difficult, or are using 180 Motors, I would highly recommend whatsoever to purchase this board, it is such a time saver and has saved my Matrixfire from so many stalls.


Love these guys. There always so fast with shipping and delivery. Happy i was able to get my cliffhanger done.

Andy H.
All around amazing product.

I purchased one of these to mod my Hera. Not only is the performance excellent but the install is super easy, Every connection On the board is labeled so there is no confusion on where anything goes. Also its at a great price point. Also as a added bonus the a cool green light on the board that glows through my blaster shell at night but also a switch connection so you can leave the battery with out draining the battery from power used for the light. Highly recommended. 100% satisfied.

Awesome p.
Perfect for any build

Super easy to wire up and reduces the hassle of replacing so many switches! Works super well too.

Easy to install

Very simple to set up and has held up in an overvolted 2 stage build.