Hyper Rush-40 Hop-up Tab
Hyper Rush-40 Hop-up Tab
Hyper Rush-40 Hop-up Tab

Hyper Rush-40 Hop-up Tab

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The Hyper Rush-40 Hop-up Tab is a great way to improve the accuracy of your blaster. Extremely easy to install, with no need to open up your blaster.

• Increases accuracy and consistency
• Increases range
• Simple installation, just press to fit, no glue required
• Printed in orange PLA filament
• Material: PLA
• Dimensions: N/A
• Weight: .05 grams

Hyper Rush-40 Spring


Customer Reviews

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Simon Jalbert

Pretty much night and day difference when it comes to accuracy. Be warned though, you're going to need a hammer or something to push it all the way in and once it's there, it will be very hard to remove. I don't know why the heck nerf didn't put one in every stock blasters!

Took mine out, and it wasn’t easy…

I could not get mine to slide in to where it was flush with the end of the barrel no matter how hard I pushed. I probably good have forced it, but didn’t want to break anything. It stuck out 1-2 millimeters and had the opposite of desired effect. When shooting the rounds dove and I didn’t even see where I was hitting. Maybe I just got a bad one? Everything else I’ve gotten from here has been awesome, and Luke is killing it! 🤘🏻

Morgan Yarbrough
mostly great

This tiny little mod makes the gun far more accurate and greatly increases range. There are two problems with it:

(1) If you accidently get a ball left in the chamber, this blocks it from rolling out. Then when you try to shoot and another ball enters the chamber (so there are now 2 in there) it will shoot out the first loose ball and the other one will get stuck. Then you have to keep repeating this process until you get lucky and both come out. This has happened to me a few times. Not a huge deal but its problematic.

(2) the part is very hard to remove once installed. Not a big deal as you wouldn't ever want to remove it except for the scenario described above.

Incredible addition!

This makes Hyper rounds much more accurate. Can't believe Nerf didn't include a hop-up on the stock blaster, but this was so easy to install and very affordable for those of us without 3D printers. Thanks, Luke!