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Hyper Rush-40 Hop-up Tab

Hyper Rush-40 Hop-up Tab

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The Hyper Rush-40 Hop-up Tab is a great way to improve the accuracy of your blaster. Extremely easy to install, with no need to open up your blaster.

• Increases accuracy and consistency
• Increases range
• Simple installation, just press to fit, no glue required
• Printed in orange PLA filament
• Material: PLA
• Weight: .05 grams

Hyper Rush-40 Spring

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Kaleo N.
Great addition

Flys much straighter


Prompt delivery. Decent product.


Not compatible with hyper impulse 40.

Jonas L.

Hyper Rush-40 Hop-up Tab

John D.
Honestly, tired of getting emails for a review.

I feel like when a company asks for a review it’s not a big deal but also up to the customer to choose whether or not to review their purchase. As a business owner myself, I understand the value of quality customer service but also the boundaries that are part of that. After receiving multiple requests to review and item purchased long ago I am tired of being bothered by what seems like a great company outside of the fact that they won’t stop emailing me for reviews.

Here’s your review. A whopping 1 star for piles of emails asking for reviews. I’m sure this won’t be published so I’m not worried about it affecting your website but hope someone reads it and understands that our free time is valuable and not everyone wants to waste it on writing a review for some company that they already gave money to.

I did my part in this exchange of currency for goods, please leave me alone.

Hi John,
Thanks for this feedback. We do have an e-mail sent with every order requesting reviews. We completely understand that this obnoxious.

Also, we do publish EVERY review, with the exception of obvious spam or inappropriate content/hate speech.