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Rival Roundhouse Spring (130 FPS)

Rival Roundhouse Spring (130 FPS)

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The Rival Roundhouse Spring is a custom made spring from a K26 that offers a roughly 130FPS average compared to the stock average of 92FPS. This mod is relatively easy but definitely not for kids as the prime is very difficult after installation!

You don’t need to remove anything besides the handle cover and back part of the plunger tube. Make sure when putting this back to have the back plastic spring already in the hole of the catch so you can easily place it back on the anchor. When priming you’ll feel it stop and you’ll need to use extra force to get it all the way past the catch in order to rotate the round into the chamber. The custom strong-prime spring is significantly shorter than the stock spring, but it’s still one of the most difficult primes we’ve found on a spring mod. With continued use the prime will get slightly easier.


• Easy to Medium difficulty on installation
• One end flat, one end cut, About 95-96mm or 12/13 coils in length
• Around 130FPS

• Custom made compression spring,
• Material: Made in the USA of USA spring-tempered steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jamie A.

Rival Roundhouse Spring (130 FPS)

Lyle B.
Roundhouse spring (130 FPS)

This was easy to install and worked great at enhancing needed power for this blaster.

Omar L.
Great Mod

Works great definitely an upgrade from the factory spring. Watch out for the screws, stripped two of them taking the cover off.