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Lynx - Fully-Assembled Blaster

Lynx - Fully-Assembled Blaster

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This fully-assembled Lynx Blaster is ready for your next game day. The Lynx is a phenomenal high-performance bullpup-style blaster. Choose from dozens of colors to customize your personal blaster.

*Note: 15.5" barrel length is intended for use with a slim scar such as the Worker 8-line SCAR, Worker 12-line SCAR, or the included OOD 3D-Printed SCAR.

• Ready-to-fire, fully assembled by the OOD team
• Pump-action slam-fire bullpup
• Includes 3D printed thumb magazine release
• Includes metal catch with printed part to support higher spring loads
• Black anodizing optional for bars
• Elegant, thoughtful design
OOD 3D-Printed SCAR included with all Lynx blasters
• Designed by Dan at Orion Blasters. Licensed with royalty and permission.

• FPS ratings are based on the standard barrel. Please note: changing the barrel length, barrel type or adding a SCAR/BCAR will change these ratings.
Spring data google sheet

• Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel, Spring steel, polycarbonate, PLA
• Dimensions:
• Weight: 1034 g

29-round short dart magazine
Compatible standard talon magazines

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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Samuel B.
Lynx in Galactic, purple and black

I’m taking my first step into this hobby, and I absolutely love the Lynx. I bought a red dot site and I am looking to possibly start up my own games here in New Orleans . Love the YouTube channel that Luke puts out along with the education videos. Great Company I’ll be recommending you to others when they see my cool new blaster.

This kitty is feisty!

This is only my 3rd 3D printed blaster and my first 3D printed springer. I have veered away from others because I don’t like seeing the barrels/pipes; I prefer a full blaster shell and the Lynx accomplishes this the best out of all the 3D printed springer options out there around this price range.

This blaster is AMAZING. The quality and performance are excellent and it’s compact and comfortable too. I LOVE bullpups; can you guess what inspires my color scheme? Out of Darts was so patient in working with me. I sent them my custom colors from Proto-Pasta and it came out beautifully. The print quality is THE best I’ve ever seen. The colors are Fluorescent Yellow and Atomic Gray Glitter for anyone wondering.

Jeffrey F.
Love it

Well built, shoot great and upgradable...:)

Dan B.
Compact powerhouse

Everything about this blaster is top notch. Compact and competitive. OOD's print quality is excellent as always.

Malcolm M.
Amazing blaster

I love it. Wanted one since I got into the hobby a 7 months ago. But it sold out everywhere. When I got it the catch stuck a bit but with the help of the community and customer service I got it fixed and it hits hard and is very accurate. Its my new main blaster.