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Lynx Hardware Kit

Lynx Hardware Kit

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The Lynx Hardware Kit contains all the screws, nuts, and aluminum bars you need to build your very own Lynx from your own 3D-printed parts. 3D files are available from Orion Blasters. 3D parts kits are also available here.

*Note; 15.5" barrel length is intended for use with a slim scar such as the Worker 8-line SCAR or Worker 12-line SCAR.

• Print and build your own blaster with our ready-to-go hardware kit
• Pump-action slam-fire bullpup
• Optional black anodized bars for a sleek look 
• One of the easiest springer builds out there!

• Includes Metal catch with printed part to support higher spring loads
• Elegant, thoughtful design
• Includes 3D-printed plunger head, and turnaround to ensure a proper seal
• Designed by Dan at Orion Blasters. Licensed with royalty and permission.

• FPS ratings are based on the standard barrel. Please note, changing the barrel length, barrel type or adding a SCAR/BCAR will change these ratings.
• Spring data google sheet

• Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel, Spring steel, polycarbonate
• Dimensions:
• Weight: 608 g

• Talon 15-round Magazines
Talon 18-round Magazines
• Tachi 29-round Magazines
3D files to print your own blaster
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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Chris T.
Not just a bag of bolts. This is high quality stuff.

Very satisfying build and very satisfying blaster.

The black anodized bars look great and everything down to the last bolt and spring are just the right size.

The 5KG OOD spring is a nice easy prime even without a foregrip but I wish I'd added a couple more springs like a K31 for plinking indoors.

Couple of notes/tips:
- I needed to use the 'looser' set of prints for the black bars to fit; but I think I should have looked at my horizontal hole expansion settings.
- I had to sand down the catch parts a little to get the bars through. Again, horizontal hole expansion would have removed the need for this.
- Rail-1 is a little long because you're supposed to put tension into the system by bending it down to get the forward pin in; but I couldn't bend it far enough so ended up printing it about 2mm shorter but ymmv.
- For those importing this kit from the US, the HS code used (for my order) was 950300 in case you want to try and estimate the import duty/tax.

Ezra L.
Great Kit

Fantastic kit, everything went in perfectly, video instructions made the build extremely easy!

Stephen T.
A fantastic kit

I'me exceedingly please with the quality of the parts I received, fir and finish are all top notch.

Jack D.

Lynx Hardware Kit

Dzikry E.
Lynx hardware

Hardware is perfect and everything is clearly label and it’s double checked before item left the shop