Motor Soldering Spacer Pair 3D Printed

Motor Soldering Spacer Pair 3D Printed

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These 3D printed motor soldering spacers help prevent shorts to your motor housing. For those newer to soldering, these help avoid solder touching the motor.
To use, simple slot them on the top of the motor can before soldering. Since this is an internal part color may vary.

• Helps make soldering easier
• Since this is an internal part color may vary.

• Material: 3D printed PLA plastic

Customer Reviews

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Joe M.

Motor Soldering Spacer Pair 3D Printed

Kirk R.
It works

I do not know what to write as my son ordered this part. But he got it to work on some modification he did and he likes it.

Derek W.
Saves your soldering and motors.

Okay so first up full disclosure. When it comes to soldering I am terrible. That is not an overstatement. I have tremors that people automatically think are Parkinson's disease but it is not it is a genetic anomaly on the male side of the family. I even have trouble not wearing soup. So to even consider soldering is considered by many who know me to be a misadventure at best.

Not so with the spacers. They Rock!
It's not an exaggeration or an overstatement to say that they will save your motors when you are soldering to them. People think now that I'm actually very good at soldering. They make the work risk free and worry free which to me is valuable beyond measure. It keeps modding fun.

Before now I only really modded springers. I have been hesitant to actually do anything with electronics. OOD absolutely nailed it with these. Every time I place an order which is about every couple of weeks now, I always make sure I get four or eight spacers. They are dirt cheap and just think of them as an insurance policy and always good to have on hand. Beyond fantastic.

Thank you so much for what you folks do at Out Of Darts🤜🤛

Adam M.
OMG! You Need This Thing !!!

I am not great at Soldering my wires to my motors. I often stress over getting it right and not touching the side of the can.

This makes it So Worry free. It's another little thing that Out Of Darts comes up with that you never new you needed untill it appears on his shop.

Buy it, Try it, & you will swear by it.