Rival Apollo 4.25" K26 (Hand cut, one end squared)
Rival Apollo 4.25" K26 (Hand cut, one end squared)

N-Strike Megalodon Spring (100FPS)

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This precut Nerf N-Strike Megalodon upgrade spring is cut from a K26 and has been tested to match your blaster. This mod is not for young kids! You'll need fairly strong hands to prime this spring as the K26 sits much tighter inside the plunger tube. This spring has been custom cut and tested to fit the Megalodon blaster with an average rating of 100FPS (up 30FPS from the stock average of 70FPS). 

On installation you don't need to take anything from the inner prime mechanism apart except for just removing the plunger tube. You can access the screw that holds the plunger in from the opposite end. You'll need a little force to get it unstuck but then it should pull right out without having to move any other pieces. Make sure to retighten the screw all the way so that the plunger seats back all the way in the prime mechanism. 

-Medium difficulty on installation
-One end will be flat/squared, the other will be a raw cut.
-100+ FPS average

-Cut-to-Length Compression Spring,
-Spring-Tempered Steel
-Made in the USA of USA steel
-130mm Long, hand cut, flat on one end.



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