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RS187 Luchadora 3D Parts + Hardware Kit

RS187 Luchadora 3D Parts + Hardware Kit

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If you thought the Cagefighter was amazing, you'll love Luchadora. This blaster was customized by Radiosilence187 just for our shop. It features heat-set inserts, machine screws all around and styling updates to match.

This kit includes all the hardware, 3D printed parts and components to build your own Radiosilence 187 (RS187) 'Luchadora' blaster! The Luchadora is a stylish ultra-compact flywheel powerhouse!  Some photos show the blaster with the stock attachment which is sold separately. 

*Stock attachment point add on will be printed in the same color as the core of the blaster.

Battery, charger and LiPo alarm are optional add-ons.  LiPo Battery add-on can only be shipped by ground to the continental USA. All packages containing LiPo Batteries have longer delivery times. For more information visit our FAQ page.

FPS ratings are for hard cap games, blasters will generally hit lower than the listing so that they are allowed in games with hard caps at the listing values.

Want yours assembled? Assembled blasters available here.

Assembly guide PDF on dropbox here.

Hardware/components/3D parts only (ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!)
• Worry-free parts kit designed with RS187 directly
• Just add a LiPo, alarm and charger and you're good to go!

• 3D Printed Parts in PLA in four color sections (Color picker coming soon)
• 2x - Cherry DB2C lever switches
• 1x - 10A Slim Rocker Switch
• 1x - N20 Gear Motor (600RPM)
• 2x - Kraken 130 Motor
• 1x - N20 PCB w/90 ° JST connector
• 1x - XT60-M (Male Side Only)
• 1x - Black 18AWG Wire Pre-Cut
• 1x - Red 18AWG Wire Pre-Cut
• 2x - JST Connector 
• 2x - 3D Motor Spacers
• 1x - Heat shrink Small (pre-cut) 

• 2x - Heat Shrink Wrap Large (pre-cut)

• 13x - M3x12mm Screws
• 10x - M3x8mm Screws
• 9x - M3x20mm Screws
• 6x - M3x16mm Screws
• 4x - M2x5mm Flywheel Cage Screws

• 4x - M2x12mm Phillips Screws
• 4x - M2 Hex Nut
• 2x - Ball Bearing Detent
• 2x - M3 Square Nut
• 2x - M3x10mm Screw
• 1x - M3 Hex Nut
• 1x - M3x12mm Tapered Thumbscrew

130FPS & 150FPS includes above plus:
• 1x -Daybreak Flywheels (Pair)
• 1x - Motor Span MOSFET Board

100FPS Pulsar Includes above plus:
• 1x - Pulsar Flywheels (Pair)
• 1x - Value Mosfet Mini Board

3s 850 mAh Tattu LiPo
• LiPo Starter Pack
• Compatible Standard Talon Magazines
Luchadora Grip Scales

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Simon S.
Just as I expected

Blaster performs very well- one thing to keep in mind before purchasing is that it doesn’t have great accuracy, hence the cqc design.

Amazing blaster!

Amazing purchase! The luchadora kit was fun to build and is a very effective blaster. There was one issue with the motor I received, but that was quickly resolved when OOD kindly sent me a replacement part. Highly recommend this blaster.

Gordon W.
Awesome Fun!!

This blaster is a whole lot of fun. The build video was easy to follow. The build was actually simple and straight forward. The print quality was great. The serotonin dump when I revved up the blaster the first time was well worth it.

Thomas R.
Stupid fun

The kit was great and the YouTube guide meant I had everything wired on the first try. Thank you!

Eric O.
Nice blaster

It was fun to assemble. I've added it to my nerf arsenal. It flings those tiny foam darts far and accurate. I wish I would have ordered grip scales for it, but the skeleton look is pretty cool. I'll add grip scales to my next order. Thank you for your terrific products and your informative videos. Way to go out of darts!