Slanted-Edge Mag Extender (+2 dart capacity for Angled/slanted mags)

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Designed by my friend Thanh, who is probably responsible for tagging me out more than anyone at North Bay Nerf Games back in California.

Give your Angled Talons the slanted edge on other Talons with this unique magazine bumper expands capacity to 20 rounds. Simply pop off your base plates, and very firmly press-fit on until you hear the one-way detent hooks click. This accessory continues the follower channel and spring compression cavity, lengthening Worker 18-round angled/slanted magazines

-Increases magazine capacity by +2 to 20 darts!
-Reuses the same stock compression spring

-Specs here using simple dashes before in list format.
-35mm in length
-.4oz weight
-3D printed
-PLA/PET-G Plastic

Compatible with talon mags here:

VIDEO: (These are the Extra-Edge variant but the design is similar):

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