Spectre Threaded Hybrid Barrel 300MM (Brass Lined for HPA Builds)

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The Spectre Threaded Hybrid Barrels offer a super-accurate, brass lined, threaded design that is catered towards HPA builds.

This is the most common length of barrel used with JET and Spectre threaded blasters. Made of an aluminium outer with a brass inner, it combines all the strength of the aluminium with the performance of the brass. Watch a demonstration of the difference in performance here: https://youtu.be/oQZcSP5DQx4
This barrel will get you up to 250fps at 50psi with a SUPER Core and 250fps out of an Omega kit with a 16kg spring.
-Catered towards HPA builds
-Brass Lined


-5/8" outer diameter
-17/32" Inner diameter


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