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Stryfe Extended Battery Cover (2 sizes)

Stryfe Extended Battery Cover (2 sizes)

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*The Modulus Stryfe requires a small amount of shell cutting to install this part.

The Stryfe Extended battery cover is available in two depth sizes, small and large. This is a perfect companion to our 3s 950mAh 65c Graphene battery.

• Designed by Tarik.
• 2 sizes to choose from (Small 10mm or Large 20mm)
• Multiple colors to choose from

• Materials: PLA Plastic
• 3D Printed
• Dimensions: SMALL = 10mm depth / Large = 20mm depth

 950mAh Graphene 3s LiPo
LiPo Safety Guide
LiPo Starter Pack
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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Evan S.
does not fit right

I used it on my Stryfe and I had to cut the shell of the Stryfe but once I did that it worked fine

Robert R.
Battery tray

Not bad if it was more Square it would work better the slant takes up space that could be used for a bigger battery I cut out a lot of the battery tray and got the extension for the lipo alarm and mounted it under the jam door I igot a 1500mah lipo in it and this shop is the best they help out all the time and always reply to my questions

Joseph O.
Reliability and Quality

I’d order anything on this site. It ships fast and works great. I was able to solder with ease trusting in the components purchased here. All my best blasters have parts and accessories from Out of Darts.

We did win against the British, right?

Meh, mine seemed brittle. Would you please consider charging more and including the thumb **** or if that's already a pkg and I missed it including that link under the additional link section which also oddly seems to be missing a link to the individual thumb ****.

Mosimo D.
Works great but some issues

Works week and looks nice, fits battery, but the strength isn't great. It's definitely enough for most people, but I could see myself breaking it by hitting a wall harder than usual. Good product though, would buy again.