Super Core by Spectre (Semi-Auto HPA Tank)

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The Super Core V3.2 Semi-Auto HPA Tank offers a durable metal construction engineered for semi-auto mods with an output of 250fps at 45psi with a performance over 300fps possible. Please note that simple maintenance is recommended prior to use.  Relubrication of the o-rings and retightening of the base base plate may be necessary. 

*Modding with high pressure air systems can be dangerous Out of Darts is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by installation, or user error.

This is a fully self-contained unit capable of semi-automatic function in an HPA Nerf blaster. Just plug in your fittings, screw in your barrel and you're good to go!
This Core will require the use of a 3-way 2-position valve to function - the most common of which is the Clippard MJVO-3 
Operating pressure range 20-145psi. 


-Intake 1/8 BSP (either BSPP or BSPT).
- Max Pressure: 145psi
-Port 1/8″ BSPP
-Barrel 5/8″ UNF 
-250fps at 45psi

-Body: 97mm L x 38.1mm Diameter
-Back Extension: 6mm x 18mm Diameter
-Bolt: 15.9mm x 57mm


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